chimes the movie

The secret

We don´t want to reveal who is behind the production.

Why should this be kept a secret? Because we have a proposal to make to the audience:

See if you can guess who is behind the production. From now until its release date, we will be showing small clips from "chimes" the movie, to help guess who is behind the production.

You can give us feedback at the blog.

By now you should already know there are two secrets in “chimes” :


1. The secret inside the film: what is happening in “villa maria dolores”?

2. The secret behind the scenes: pay attention to the clips that we will show you. Maybe you are smart enough to guess who filmed it.


If you are able to guess any of them, just send us some feedback to


The first 99 people to give us the correct answer to any of the questions will be invited to the world premiere of "chimes" ,which is to be held at a secret location.


So. Be ready...

     ...and be afraid.